Indian Economy test - 1 Topic -Topic - Banking System In India

 Indian Economy (ભારતનું અર્થતંત્ર) test - 1

 Topic -Topic - ભારતીય બેન્કિંગ પ્રણાલિ (ભાગ -1) 

Total marks - 25 

Level - Easy to Medium 

Here you can give a test of 3 very important questions about banking system in India which is an important topic of Indian economy ....

 Hello friends, today's topic is the banking system of India's economy in India about which questions are frequently asked in all competitive exams so it is a common topic but frequently asked questions. In this topic we have Reserve Bank of India.  SIDBI.  NABARD.  As well as questions about various banks.  Economics is a very important subject from which you can prepare different topics about economics so that you can get good marks in the exams and get selected.  Monetary Policy, SBI Bank, the world's first bank and its nationalization The Indian Post Payment Bank, which has been under discussion recently, is also frequently mentioned in the Indian economy.  .  There are many questions about deregulation in India, about the management of foreign exchange, about currency notes and coins in India, etc. There are also questions about the establishment of Regional Rural Banks.  The Economy of India has been included as a topic so that the economy of India is an internal subject so that its different topics will be discussed.  There are 25 questions about India's economy.

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Indian Economy Test - 1

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