Gujarat no Itihas (History of Gujrat) Test - 6 Topic - Solanki Kal (ભાગ 1) Total Marks - 25

 GUJRAT NO ITIHAS (History Of Gujrat)Test - 6

Topic - સોલંકી વંશ (Part - 1)

 Total Marks - 25

Level - Easy to Medium

• Degrees of Mulraj - Gurjar, Parambhatta, Maha SIA G.P.  Kanyakubaj tea according to the scripture 'Prabandh Chitamani'.  A '* Nicha They returned from Somnath Yatra Anhilwad Pat #jv The last Chavda king of Patan was impressed by Samant Singh Raj's condition and gave his sister Liladevi with Raj to Parathi Liladevi and Raj's son Mulraj', whose birth is known?  So Mulraj killed him and got the throne of Patan, Mulraj started the construction work of Rudramahalaya in Siddhpur, Vadodara Museum - Statues of Vishnu and Vaishnavi.  (G) Solanki period (Golden Age) had three sons named Boj and Dand.  In this era, Gujarat remained known as 'Gurjar Desh' or 'Gujarat'.  Was born.  This period is considered as the 'Golden Age' of Gujarat.  The founder of the Solanki dynasty and the founder of Gujarat was Mulraj Solanki, who considers himself of the Chaulukya dynasty.  Born in Nahatra hence his name 'Mulraj'.  The Chaulukya (Souleki) clan had two branches in Gujarat.  Mama Samant Singh of Mulraj was intoxicated (1) Solanki branch - Mulraj - already started (942-1244) (2) Vyaghapalli (Vaghela Solanki dynasty) branch  Mulraj was known as 'Gurjar'.  The Vaghela branch (1244-1304 AD) fell from the name 'Chaulukya' from the lineage 'Alik' ​​or 'Shulik'.  Is.  In Sanskrit it is called 'Chaluk' or 'Chuluk'.  Which means 'Khobo'  In 942, Saraswatmandal, i.e. Siddhpur, became Qajina or 'Kamandalu'.  King of the region up to the Rupen river in the desert.  Became and the second Chaulukya is called 'Solanki' in Gujarati.  The state went on to win in the south.  Emergence of the Solanki dynasty: Going to Sristhal (Siddhpur) and entering the fire on the banks of the river Saraswati, are the legends:  1. Saurashtra - Defeated Grahariyu (Vamanasthali - King of Vanthali) Chalukyo from the moon arising from the eye of Agni, the son of Brahma  Originated so they were called Chandravanshi.  3. Chalukya king Telap of Malwa - defeated another.  Descendants of the Raghu dynasty of Ayodhya.  4. Lat - defeated King Barappa.  The original male of the Saulankis was made by Vashishta Rishi on Abu 5. Shankabhari - Chauhan befriended King Vigraharaj, originated from Agnikund.  6. Abu - Parmar Raj.  Defeated Dharanivarah.  Some modern historians say that the Chaulukyas belong to the Gurjar caste.  But in reality the word 'Gurjar' refers to the original homeland of the Pratiharas and their cabinets: then the Chaulukyas.  General Secretary - The region around Jambak Bhillamal was then known as 'Gurjar Desh' by Chief Minister - Jehul (Queen of Kheralu).  The kingdom expanded to the south, with the whole of Yuvraj-Chamund becoming known as 'Gurjar Desh', 'Gurjaratra' or 'Gujjarata'.  Purohit - Sol Sharma (was an outsider of Vadnagar) The first word used in the 13th century 'Aburas' was 'Veer'.  Minister of Religion - Madhav Durgashankar Shastri Chaulukya (Solanki) is believed to be a native of South Karnataka Kshatriya writer • Balark clan.  Kayastha - Descendant of Kanchan Mulraj.  As the regions south of the river Saraswati Dutak and Mahasandhi Vigrahak - Shri Jay.  Achievements or deeds of Mulraj:

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