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 Making My Village Better


     I live in a small village in Saurashtra, Gujarat. It is a village with a population of about 2500 people. It has some facilities like a bust-stand, a village panchayat, a water works to supply drinking water and a primary school. The people need a library. Even people require good pakka roads. Drainage system should also be needed. People need pure drinking water supply system too. There isn’t any primary health centre in the village nor is there a community hall The roads/streets are dirty and narrow. As an active member of this village, 
I would want the village to be a model, a well-developed village with all the modem facilities. I would try to create awareness about health, hygiene, cleanliness and also about the importance of education among the people of my village. I will motivate them to work together with co-operation for the progress of the village people. I would put a plan to start certain welfare schemes on public-private partnership model for the village development. We would ask the government for the development funds. I will urge people to contribute generously to set up certain facilities like a library, CCTV cameras and a drainage system in the village. I will also propose for a skill development centre for the youngsters of the villagers so that they would be able to find suitable jobs. People will gradually get and enjoy the benefits of these newly setup facilities and more and more people would come forward for the betterment and upliftment of the needy village people. My priority would be a health centre and pure clean drinking water supply system. I would name this campaign as ‘MY VILLAGE SMART VILLAGE.’ MY PEOPLE-SMART PEOPLE.

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