The Problems of Working Women / Homemakers paragraph writing /Essay writing

 The Problems of Working Women / Homemakers

        The problems of working women must be acknowledged that the working women are playing difficult role. They have to be responsible to the boss, officers, faithful to husband, devoted to family, society etc. They must be physically and mentally strong at home and at the place of work. At first, they must satisfy the Oscar English Grammar Excellent English by Suresh Mangukiya 236 needs of family members at home – getting ready, preparing breakfast, lunch etc before leaving for job. 
Then they might have problems in using the public transport and reaching in time. Then they have different office work plus something extra - to achieve the target if there is any. Being a woman, there is danger of sexual harassment. She must be very alert and neat in her behaviour; otherwise she will have to suffer a lot due the doubtful nature of her husband. She will also have to manage stress at every corner in such a fast life. There are other duties also - care for children, husband, herself and the senior citizen if there is any in the family. But she solves all these problems and always has a smile on her face. God has given her special power. She is a source of strength and energy. We all owe to her forever. It is true that a man is imperfect without a woman. A man depends on woman from the first day of his life. She gives her full support to man in every walk of life. Today's woman is more educated and independent than before. More and more women are working mothers now. 
But it is a tough life. She has to work not only at the office but also at home. She cannot neglect her duties. She has to cooperate with her seniors and juniors. She has to strike balance between home and office.. She looks after the needs of her husband and her children. After doing her duties at home, she reaches office on time and does her work efficiently there. As a result, she is always under great mental and physical burden. There are, problems at home and Office. The NGO like 'SEWA' (Self-Employed Women's Association) is a great help for the working woman.

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