Birds - Our Best Friends paragraph writing / essay writing

Birds - Our Best Friends 

(Points - birds of different species - best friends - useful - helpful to mankind - maintain eco-cycle - keep the surroundings clean - our cruelty to them - killing of birds - endangered species - save the feathered friends ) 

    We see small and big, colourful birds all around. We hear them chirping or twittering almost the whole day. Whether they are small or big, dull or beautiful but they are our best friends, our best companions. They are an important link, important part of our eco-cycle. We find house birds, birds of prey and water birds around us. Some of the birds like parrots, cuckoos, peacocks, sparrows, bulbools entertain us with their sweet twittering. We love to enjoy the wonderful dance of peacocks. 

Birds find their food on their own. They remain busy the whole day and also teach us to remain busy. We have to learn a lot from them. Certain birds keep our surroundings clean. They are our natural cleaners. Birds like eagles, vultures, crows eat up dirt, carcasses, dead bodies of other animals and keep the surroundings clean. Prey birds live on small birds and small birds live on the food they get from surroundings. Thus they maintain the eco-cycle very well. They do no harm to human beings. They live happily and make us feel happy. We should save the birds, we should provide them shelter. We should feed them. We should not kill them for our selfish purposes. 

We should not cage them. They feel happy in their natural habitats. We should keep the waterbodies clean so that waterbirds can live in the lakes, rivers, ponds happily. We should save the endangered species of birds, otherwise our world will become a birdless world. Would you like to live in a soundless world without birds? No, at all not. Let’s join hands together to save our beautiful featherd friends.

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