Save environment /Protect Environment paragraph writing / Essay writing std 6 to 12

Save Environment / Protect Environment  

Environment is a broad term. It includes all that is above, below and around us. Nowa-days one of the greatest problems of mankind is pollution. Man‟s most destructive enemy is man himself because he pollutes the environment in which he lives. Environmental pollution leads to three kinds of pollution- air, water and noise. Pollution is the direct implication of industrialization. 

All vehicles, scooters, autorickshaw, cars, trucks go on emitting all sorts of dirty smoke and gases which pollute clean air. Water is polluted by waste material and chemical released into lakes, rivers and the sea. Most noise pollution comes from machines, especially automobiles, trucks and aircrafts, construction equipments, farm machines and the din of machinery in the factories. Noise pollution is at its worst in the densely populated areas. 

It can cause hearing loss, stress, high blood pressure, indigestion etc. Setting up of treatment plants for industrial wastes and that can check pollution, planting of more trees during the rainy season should be undertaken. We must stop killing wild animals, avoid using plastic bags, stop littering etc. The time has come to organize a mass movement to protect the environment. If we are not conscious we shall all perish.

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