Police Constable Asi Psi Law (કાયદો) ટેસ્ટ - 5

Police Constable Asi Psi Law (કાયદો) ટેસ્ટ - 5 

પોલીસ ભરતી કાયદો ટેસ્ટ 

ભારતીય ફોજદારી ધારો (Indian Penal Code 1860)

Total marks - 15

Leval - hard 

This is provided in Sections 330 to 351.  According to Article 23 (), coins which are printed and put into circulation by the order of the Government and are later discontinued will still be considered as coins.  Coins that are used as money in short are considered.  There are no shells or shell coins.  A coin without any medal or imprint is not a coin.  Sections 213 to 2.43 make it a crime to possess or sell counterfeit coins, to assist in making counterfeit coins outside India, to import and export counterfeit coins, to give or possess counterfeit coins, etc.  Making large coins makes it a crime to alter the coinage, to lose weight, to change the shape of the coin in the same way as a genuine coin, to give it to someone else even though you know the coin has changed, and so on.

It is also an offense under section 245 to take out a coin-making tool from a mint.  This is provided in sections 255 to 263.  Making false government stamps, making or keeping tools for it from afar, selling or possessing counterfeit stamps.  Use the stamp as true even if you know it is wrong, delete the stamp used on a document, delete the mark that the stamp is used, make a fake stamp, publish it, sell it, use it, keep it  Keep all the tools like making or selling tools going to the crime areas.  This is provided in sections 264 to 267.  It is an offense to use the wrong weighing instrument for fraudulent purposes, or to use the wrong weight, incorrect length or mismatch.  Made in 34.  The crime of human life and crime is called homicide.  The term 'homicide' is used for this.  Is a Latin word.  So human and 'cido' means to cut, when a person produces a human, it is called manslaughter.  In law, life and death are understood as human life.  According to Article 299, when a person has the knowledge that it is possible to cause the death of someone, and that death occurs, the crime may be considered homicide or even less serious crime than murder.  The death penalty for murder or the crime of manslaughter is punishable by life imprisonment.  Is the function of.  Bia

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