Current Affairs test - 1 Last six month છેલ્લા 6 માસનું કરંટ અફેર્સ

Current Affairs test - 1 

Last six month 

છેલ્લા 6 માસનું કરંટ અફેર્સ

Total Marks - 15

study at [school name]. My favorite teacher is [name]. She is teaching [subject]. She is always smiling and kind to the students. Her friendly approach is very much liked by everyone in the class, She teaches very well and makes you understand the subject with fun learning. We are more involved in her class than any other subject classes. There is a lot of fun during her classes. 

She is also patient and easygoing when we are naughty in the class. She is very enthusiastic to teach and clears all our doubts whenever we ask questions in her classes. She does not scold or beat us in the class unnecessarily. But when we do wrong, she disciplines us and teaches us good behavior. She is very caring towards weak students and helps them in their studies even after class hours. We all like her very much and wish her to be taking classes for us every year.

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