English Grammar Test - 24 Bin sachivalay clerk , talati psi junior clerk etc.

English Grammar Test - 24 

Bin sachivalay clerk , talati psi junior clerk etc.

Total Marks - 15 

LEVEL - medium

In the blossoming nature, we are free to become engrossed with the child gods in school education work.  I feel a sense of joy and pride when I put the "English Grammar Special" in your crib.

 English is introduced in our schools from Std-5-6.  A new English subject is available in many literature schools.  Even though there are new trainings for it, English seems to be a very difficult subject for children to learn and teach us.  Kids and we have an English how.

 This special issue seeks to illustrate how simple English can be learned and taught, as well as tips and tricks for how English grammar can be taught very easily in practice, with simple rules and explanations, memorization and comprehension.

 The student does not need to take the policy rules in more depth. English can be easily learned by using and rehearsing the words, sentences or simple illustrations used in his daily practice.  We don't have to explain the definition of grammar, we don't have to quote definitions or rules, but we have to teach grammar in a practical way with natural linguistics.

 This ‘English Grammar Special’ provides as many simple examples and techniques as possible as well as easy to remember games, puzzles as well as many classroom activities.

 Hopefully the English of the students will be easier when we teach Jiv Reddy but if we study this issue then our attitude towards English will definitely go away.  Learning English will be much easier.  I have faith and confidence that my Guru will make maximum use of this issue to make our untiring efforts a success.

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