Std 10 English Unit Test - 1 Against The Odds True - False Test

Std 10 English 

Unit Test - 1 Against The Odds 

True False Test 

Most of the three thousand people living in the village are farmers. But such was the burning desire to have a station in the village, everybody contributed according to their capacity. Ranging from three. thousand rupees to seventy-five thousand. rupees. "They donated money for the station and we started the construction in January 2008," said Ranjit Singh, a former village sarpanch. "There are a large number of people in the village who need to go to Gurugram, Delhi and Rewar. There are students who. go to colleges. Till now, we had to either go to Halimandi or Patli to catch a train. Both the stations are six kilometres away from Taj Nagar. We thought when the railway lines passed


through the village we would have a station here. But that didn't happen. So we raised the demand. in 1982 and have been continuously asking for it, but the railways told us that they did not have funds. So, finally we decided to craft our own destiny," said Hukamchand, a member of the committee.As a result, the panchayat passed a resolution in 2008, saying that since the railway was not able to build a station for them, they would do it for themselves and with their own money! Soon, an eleven member team was formed and the team started collecting money from villagers.

Std 10 English Unit -1 Against the Odds Question Answers

On 7 January 2010, as a result of teir efforts, the first railway station in the country, on which the railway did not have to spend a single rupee, started operations.In rural Uttar Pradesh, over sixty per cent of households are without power. Sitapur district is one such place with no power. A small social enterprise called Mera Gao Power (MGP) is trying to change things. They are putting two solar panels. at a time. In just over a year, MGP has connected more than 3,500 customers to solar power mini-grids at a village level.

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