Std 10 English Unit - 2 The Human Robot True - False Test

Std 10 English 

Unit - 2 The Human Robot

 True - False Test  

"May I help you, sir?" grinned the short, narrow-eyed salesman inside the Super Robots Plaza."Well ... er," Prem Chopra responded, "I wish to purchase a robot ..."

"For help, sir," completed the de salesman. "That is our speciality. We manufacture efficient robots for industry, construction companies, plumbing and cleaning, caretakers - they are designed for only specialized work. Our best ones are for consumers like you - for the home," he spoke like a recorded programme.
"Er yes, that's what I want." Prem Chopra spoke in a business-like fashion.
"Please come this way." The salesman led him through a brightly-lit, richly-carpeted gallery into a huge dome-shaped hall glowing with fluorescent light. The right corner appeared to be crowded with robots in metallic silver, electric blue and green. Some were moving about as if practising to walk while some stood still - switched out of operation.
Just as Prem Chopra stepped on the threshold of the hall, one of the robots swiftly came forward. "Good day, sir, welcome to Super Robots Plaza. We hope your visit here proves worthwhile," the silver robot said in a metallic voice. "Brilliant," mumbled Prem Chopra, somewhat bewildered.
1. What did Prem Chopra see in the right corner of the hall?
Ans. Prem Chopra saw robots in metallic silver, electric blue and green in the right corner of the hall.
 The salesman gave a proud smile as he headed towards an isolated robot in metallic blue. "This one is perfectly programmed to function in the household, cleaning, arranging, collecting groceries from the super market, tending the lawn, mailing letters, relating your programmes on the TV and selecting news of your interest from the paper." The salesman paused for breath and continued, "All you need is the remote control monitor for command."
"You mean sitting at home I can command the robot in the city market?" asked Prem Chopra.
"It operates within a limited radius of a kilometre. By the way, this one is called Ram Singh - 070," the salesman explained.
Prem Chopra nodded. The salesman demonstrated the gait, grip,
 movement and some programmed functions. Everything was well-tuned and fixed. Prem Chopra seemed satisfied with the deal.

"I must tell you, like all robots, and adhering to the discipline of robotics, Ram Singh has an in-built system of three principles: the robot will obey his master, the robot will not harm humans; and the robot will not take harm to self."

Prem Chopra heard the first principle and it impressed him. He did not take notice of the other two. He nodded delightedly and assigned the sale deed and contract of 'no misuse of the robot'. He had now got a servant and an accomplice.

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