Bandharan (Indian Constitution) Test - 2 (Topic - Bandharan sabha) )

Bandharan (INDIAN CONSTITUTION) Test - 2 

Topic - બંધારણ સભા 

Total marks - 40 

The Commonwealth Mock India Bill was drafted at the first National Convention held on April 24, 1921 at the Tej Budur Sapna Court.  The same bill was introduced in January 1925 at a meeting chaired by Gandhiji at Dildi.  The same bill was sent to the British Parliament, but the defeat of the Labor Party government did not bode well for the bill.  A resolution was introduced by Motilal Nehru in the Mumbai session of the Congress on May 17, 1927.  In which the appointment of the Constitution was called.  A committee was formed under the chairmanship of Motilal Nehru.  The committee presented the Nehru Report on August 10, 1928, which was the first attempt to draft a constitution.  The Nehru Report is called the 'New Print' of the Constitution.  The first demand for the appointment of a Constituent Assembly was first formally introduced in 1934 by Manvendranath Roy (MN Roy).  The structure of the Constituent Assembly was first demanded by the Indian National Congress in 1935 to draft the Constitution of India .  In the present A, the demand for the appointment of a Constituent Assembly was accepted by the British Government as an official, the first demand for a Constituent Assembly was accepted by the August Resolution in 1940.  In which the Indian Constitution will be drafted by the Indian representatives.  The formation of the Constituent Assembly was done under the Cabinet Mission Plan.
Total members of the Constituent Assembly under the Cabinet Mission Plan before the division of the floor of the Constituent Assembly? British Provinces 2. Indigenous States .  The number of members of the Constituent Assembly was determined on the basis of the population between the British Provinces and the Indigenous States.  1 member was appointed for a population of 10 lakhs.  The backs of the provinces were unopposedly filled, while one of the nominees of the native kingdoms was killed.  Out of 39 seats elected, 208 are from Congress, 73 from Muslim League and |  That others had found.  The cabinet mission plan failed due to the Muslim League's demand for a separate Pakistan, so the then Viceroy of India, Mountbatten, introduced the "Mountbatten Plan" on June 1, 1947, depicting the partition of India and Pakistan.  Desi Rajwada - Mysore (07 App) British Province with the largest number of members in the Constituent Assembly - Members of the United Provinces (now Uttar Pradesh) - 55 Mahatma Gandhi and Mohammad Ali Zina were not members of the Constituent Assembly?  A total of 15 women members participated in the Constituent Assembly meeting. Each of these women members was a member of the Congress. The chairman of this women's group was Mr. Hansaben Mehta.

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Bandharan Test - 2

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