Bandharan (Indian constitution) Test - 6 Topic - Rajyo nu punrgathan

 Bandharan (Indian Constitution) 

  Topic - Rajyo nu punrgathan

Total marks - 30 

Level - Basic to medium

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The subject of today's test is the Constitution of India and the state system.  The reorganization of states in India is a very important topic in the Indian Constitution and in the history of India on which questions are frequently asked in exams.  Includes how the princely states of India were annexed to the Union of India after independence and how the different states of India were formed and the Commission for State Reorganization such as SK Dhar Commission jvp samiti and Justice Fazal Ali Commission  In this matter, their views were not given on the formation of the state on the basis of which different states were formed in India.  Here are some important questions about various constitutional amendments to keep the existing Union Territory in existence and from state to state and change of its name.  Paid which will be very useful to you in the next competitive exam.  Friends, it should be reminded here that if you get more than 25 marks from the March 31 test, your preparation is in the right direction and it can be said to be very good, but if you get less than 15 marks, you need to work harder to pass the competitive exam.  You can also take this test again after reading this topic so that you can also check how much you remember reading.

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Bandharan Test - 6

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