Std 10 English Unit - 1 Against the odds Short Notes

 Std 10 English

 Unit - 1 Against the odds

 Short Notes 

Write a Short-Note on the followings by answering questions :-

Taj Nagar Railway Station :

(What was the need of the people of Tajnagar ? Why did the people want a railway station ? What was the response of the railways ? What did the villagers then do ? How much money did they pool in ? When was the railway station built ?)

    Many people and students of Taj Nagar had to go to Gurgaon, Delhi and Rewar. They had to go to Halimandi or Patli to catch a train. Both the stations are six kilometers away. The railway lines passed through Taj Nagar. So, the villagers demanded a railway station there in 1982. But the railways refused for that. Because they did not have funds. So, the villagers decided to build a station themselves. They pooled in twenty-one lakh rupees from the village. They built a railway station on their own. The station started operations in 7 January, 2010.


 2. Benefits of Solar Power :-

(what is Solar power ? - How is it cheaper than kerosene ? - How does it save environment ? - What businesses have started because of solar power ? - Why are the people of village happy ?)

    solar power is a smokeless source of light. It is cheaper than kerosene which can cost almost double in a month. It comes with added benefits to customer‘s health. It saves environment because there is no pollution. New businesses have also started because of solar power. Customers are using the light to wave saris by night. One man does the night business of making plastictablecloth. The people of village are happy because they have light while cooking and eating. The students are also studying more.

(3) MGP (Mera Gao Power) and Sitapur’s Light

     In rural Uttar Pradesh, most of households are without power. Sitapur district is one such place with no power. Mera Gao Power (MGP) tries to change the situation. MGP is building a network of low cost solar light. They provide two LED lights and a mobile charging point. It costs of 25 RS per week. It is cheaper than kerosene. The children can study more at night. People can also work at night. Solar power is a source of smokeless light. It is useful for health and wealth.


4. Palakkad‟s District Library :-

(When was the library set up ? What is it a centre for ? What is unique about the library ? When did the library launch a women‘s unit ? For what did the library open its halls ? How does it encourage women ? )

    The Palakkad‘s District Public Library was set up in September 2013. It is a centre for information, knowledge, wisdom, cultural activities, research and reference. A third of its thousand members are women. The library launched a women‘s unit in February 2014. The unit got together to discuss the methods of empowering the women. The library opened its halls for film screening, workshops in home economics or gardening, child care or the arts.The women also get helpin managing family conflicts, legal disputes and professional problems.  The unit formulated plans for opening separate reading rooms for women. It encourage women‘s empowerment through classes, clubs, workshops and reading rooms.

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