English Grammar Test -12 Topic - The Past continuous Tense

English Grammar Test - 12

Topic - The past continuous Tense 

(ચાલુ ભૂતકાળ)

Total marks - 25

Level - Medium to Advance

Hello Friends... today we have a test of english grammar on the topic The Past Continious Tense.

there are 25 mcqs on the above Topic. I hope It will help you in every competitive exams like bin sachivalay clerk, talati cum mantri, junior clerk, dyso, sti, senior clerk etc. 

Read the following steps to solve all the mcqs on The past Continous Tense. 

Structure :-  Subject + was/were +Verb (ing) +Object + O. W 

Subjects - You , We, They, Plural Nouns - Were 

                 - I , He , She, It, Singular Nouns - Was 

Key Words - at that time yestesday, any particular time in Past Tense.

Structure of When ( When generally follow The simple Past Tense) 

1. When + Simple past Tense + Past continuous Tense 

2. Past continuous Tense + When + Simple Past Tense 

Structure of While  : - 

1. While + Past continuous Tense + Simple Past Tense 

2. Simple Past Tense + While + Past continuous Tense

All the Best for Your Test....


01 . What __you__? I was watching T.V.

Was , doing

Were , doing

Is , doing

Are , doing

02 . We ___breakfast when she walked into the room.



Are having

Were having

03 . I __still__when the waitor took my place.

Am , eating

Are , eating

Was , eating

Were , eating

04 . Rohan ___a book when he heard a noice outsides.

Was reading

Were reading

Was read

Are reading

05 . When I came home last night , my roommate___ar the neighbour.

Was yelling

Were yelling


Is yelling

06 . She hurt her hand while she __basketball.

Was played

Were playing

Is playing

Was playing

07 . I ___in the pool when I saw her coming towards me.

Was swimming

Am swimming



08 . Ravindra ____the wall when he heard the phone ring.

Is painting

Was painting

Were painting


09 .Grandma____her grand children about her experience , when her oldest grand child asked a question.



Was telling

Were telling

10 . It _____when I went out.

Is raining

Was raining


Were raining

11 . While she ____her scooty , she remembered the key.

Was starting

Were starting


Is starting

12 . The students ____when the principal entered the class.

Was talking

Were talking


Are talking

13 .What___you__yesterday evening?

Was , doing

Did , doing

Were , doing

Is , doing

14 . My brother ___T.v all the night yesterday.

Were watched

Was watched


Was watching

15 . Lakhan was singing a song while Rahul____a song.


Was listen

Were listening

Was listening

16 . My mother burnt her finger while she ___.

Was cooking

Were cooking

Is cooking


17 . Our teacher ____sanskrit yesterday at 9:00 am.

Was tought

Were teaching

Was teaching


18 . I saw an accident while I____the road .


Was crossing

Were crossing

Am crossing

19 . When he came to my house, I___ a novel.

Am reading

Was reading

Were reading


20 . Yesterday at that time I ____a letter.

Am writing

Was writing

Were writing


21 . What ___you__yesterday when I phoned you??

Did , doing

Was , doing

Were , doing

Are , doing

22 . I found lots of boys ___cricket , When I went to the playground.

Was playing

Were playing


Are playing

23 . Everyone____their notes when the teacher entered the class.

Was writing

Were writing


Is writing

24 . The light went out while I____.

Am reading

Was reading

Were reading


25 . It started to rain while they ____cricket.

Are playing

Was playing

Were playing


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You can Do it. 

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