English Grammar Test - 16 Topic - The Future Perfect Tense Total Mark 25

 English Grammar Test - 16

 Topic - The Future Perfect Tense  Total Mark 25

Total Marks - 25 

Level - Medium 

Structure of the sentence : - 

👉 subject +Will/shall + Have + verb (Past Participle) + Object + O.W. 

There is no use of have when subjects takes singular in the sentence.

This tense is the most important for the upcoming examination...

This term is not very prevalent, study of composition show the correct or more appropriate forms of verbs and fill . The plane 3.30  arrives, will arrive) I will call you when he back (comes, will come) When I get home, my dog ​​at the gate waiting for me.  (sits, will be sitting).   the Joshis this evening.  (visit, am visiting)  Look at these black clouds.  It (will rain, is going to rain) 6 The train before we reach the station (arrives, will have arrived)  Perhaps we Mahabaleshwar next month.  (visit will visit 8 Unless we now we can't be on time. (start, will start)  into town later on Do you want a lift  (drive, will be driving) The next term on 16th November.  (begins is beginning)

Answer key :- 

01 . My brother _______rajkot by 10:30 AM.

Will reach

Will have reached

shall has reached


02 . Ramesh ______his work by next week.

Will finished

Will has finished

Will have finished

Has finished

03 . My friend _____have _____the s.s.c examination by the end of this year.

Shall , pass

Will , pass

Will , passed

Would , passed

04 . The municipality ____the road by next week.

Will have repaired

Will have repair

Shall has repaired

Will has repaired

05 . The engineer _______this project by the end of this month.

Will have complete

Is completed

Will has completed

Will have completed

06 . The students _____their assignment by tomorrow.

Will submitted

Will have submitted

Would submitted

Have submitted

07 . Ramanuj bhai ______from the job by 2050.

Will has resigned

Shall have resign

Will have resigned

Will resigned

08 . By july , the result_______by the university.

Will has declared

Shall have declared

Will have been declare

Will have been declared

09 . Chetan bhagat _______a new novel by the end of this year.

Will have written

Will has wrotten

Has written

Will have wrote

10 . They _______married by next week.

Will have get

Will have getting

Will have got

Will got

11 . Rahul ______M.B.A degree by the end of this year.

Will got

Shall has got

Have will got

Will have got

12 . The train ______by the time you reach the railway station

Will has left

Will have left

Will have leave

Will left

13 . Rajan _____his studies before he gets married.

Will has completed

Shall have complete

Will had completed

Will have completed

14 . The students______not______their lessons before the principal arrives.

Will , have learn

Will , have learnt

Will , has learned

Will , had learnt

15 . He ________the first draft by sunday.

Will have finish

will has finished

Will have finished

Will finished

16 . The children _______all the cake before their mother comes.

Will had eaten

Will eaten

Will have eats

Will have eaten

17 . The patient _______before the doctor comes

Will died

Will have died

Will has died

Will had died

18 . Manish bhai ________the report by this time tomorrow.

Will has prepared

Will prepared

Will had prepared

will have prepared

19 . By this time next year , manthan ______German.

Will has learned

Shll have learned

Will have learnt

Will learned

20 . By the time the guests arrive , my mother ______dinner.

Will made

Will had made

Will have made

Will make

21 . By the time his flight lands , pravin ______the Magazine.


Will Read

Will had read

Will have read

22 . She _______the house , by the time her parents arrive.

Shall have cleaned

Will have cleaned

Will cleaned


23 . By this time next year , rajveer _______to a new apartment.

Will moved

Will has moved

Will have moved


24 . The train _______before we reach the station.

Will has arrives

Shall arrived

Will had arrived

Will have arrived

25 . This book is not long. I _______it by launch time.

Will have read

Will has read

Am reading

Shall read

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