English Grammar Test - 19 Topic - All Tense Mix Test

 English Grammar Test - 19 

Topic - All Tense Mix Test

Total Marks - 20

Level - medium to hard

watching TV all the evening yesterday.  Mother was cooking while the children were playing in the garden Negative was} were not  Form Sub + was were being + past participle + by + agent i.e. with Katni was / were yo  After being and past participle comes, She was reading a book.  (Active) A book was being read by her.  (Passive) Eat / were with me or the doer and the verb's 'ing'  that is, the present She was full son Uses They were not working when I went there.  He was not reading when the teacher came.  For the irrogative questioning sentence was were placed before the subject.  What were you doing yesterday morning?  Were the boys reading when the teacher was away?

English Grammar Test - 18

  Was she telling the truth?  Usage This tense is used to indicate that the action was ongoing in the past.  When he came to my house, I was reading a book.  I was reading a book when he came to my house.  The students were talking when the teacher entered the class.  The students were talking when the teacher entered the classroom.  The resulting action is sometimes used to indicate that both actions were running simultaneously.  Jack was singing while John was playing the piano.  Who was singing while John was playing the piano When Rome was burning.  Nero was fiddling Nero was playing the flute while Roum was on fire.  while and As are often used with the present tense.  She burned her fingers while she was cooking.  Her fingers burned while she was cooking.  As I was starting my scooter, I remembered the key.  While I was turning on the tar, I remembered the key.  Passive Construction was reading a book.  That Nuck was reading through it.

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