Quiz on "The Life Of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

 Quiz on "The Life Of Sardar  Vallabhbhai Patel

Vallabhbhai Zaverbhai Patel was born at his uncle's house in Nadiad - Gujarat.  His actual date of birth was never recorded but he wrote 31st October as his date of birth during his matriculation exam.  [1] He was the fourth son of Hindu father Zaverbhai and mother Ladba.  He lived in Karamsad village of Khedajalla where his father Zaverbhai had a farm.  Somabhai, Narasimhabhai and Vitthalbhai (who also went on to become politicians).  There were older brothers.  He had a younger brother - Kashibhai and a younger brother - Dahiba.  As a child, 

Vallabhbhai used to help his father in farming and also fast once every two months in which he lived in the village next to his marriage at the age of 18 without taking food and water, with Zaverba, aged 18 or 19.  Subject to custom, the wife lived in her father's house until the husband could take over the responsibility of running the house by earning.  Vallabhbhai had to go to Nadiad, Petlad and Bod to complete his schooling where he lived independently with other boys.  He developed his famous austere temperament - according to a folktale, he broke a boil that had happened to him without any hesitation, which made even the barber tremble.  Vallabhbhai passed the matriculation examination at the age of 7 and at that time his parents did not recognize him as an ambitious person and believed that he would do a simple job or business.  But Vallabhbhai had his own plan - to study law, save money by working, and become a barrister in England.  *) Vallabhbhai separated from his family for years and asked for books from other lawyers, studied in his own way and passed the examination in two years.  

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