Science and Technology Test - 3 Topic - General Science (Biology)

 Science and Technology Test - 3

 Topic - General Science (Biology)

Total Marks - 30

Level - Medium 

most The mind helps to hear sound waves and maintain the balance of the body.  The same ear is mainly divided into three parts.  1.  Outer diagonal, 2.  Madhya Kanna, 2.  The outermost part of the inner ear is called the earlobe.  The same sound intensity is measured in dp (decibels) units.  - Sibal is a unit in memory of Graham Bell.  He invented the telephone.  Noise greater than 0 is harmful to the ears.  Which is the human hearing ability (120-130 db.).  The highest noise (160 - 180 db.) Is from a jet plane.  * Sound waves produce tremors on the eardrum.  1 moves forward in the liquid.  Geham Bell (Scotlans) has three bones in the middle, (1) hammer, (2) anvil, (3) stapes, "hammer anvil.  Is a tiny bone. A machine that can hear deaf people is called an adicon.

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science and technolgy Test - 3

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