English Grammar Test - 20 Topic - All Tense Mix Test

English Grammar Test - 20

 Topic - All Tense Mix Test

Total Marks - 20

Level - Advance

Near, determined future My Brother comes tomorrow. Chief Minister comes lo our town next week. I Timetable, price, rate,  Ealaai The last bus for Rajkot leaves at . 3. The college opens on 15th June. Copper costs Rs. 200 per a kilogram. Conditional Sentenses - If i Unless l uz uni azd quriui If you work hard, you will pass. Unless you run fast, you will not get the bus, If it rains, there will be good crops. With Here and there in the beginning. Ilere comes my boss ! There gocs a busProverbs / Sayings seadl Aiè A deccitful man digs his own grave. One swallow does not make a summer. with when, Till, until, If, Unless, As soon as. Before -l  Wait till the chief guest arrives I will pass your message to him when he arrives.

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English Grammar Test - 20

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