Std 10 English Unit - 3 An Inetrview With Arun Krushnamurthy Short Notes

 Std 10 English 

Unit - 3 An Inetrview With Arun Krushnamurthy 

Short Notes

Write a Short-Note on the followings by answering questions :- 

1. Arun Krishnamurthy and The NGO : EFI

Questions :-

(Who is Arun Krishnamurthy ? - Which NGO did he found ? When Did he found EFI?  What are the activities of Arun & his team ? – which was the first activity? What are his views on animals and birds ? - Why did he quit his job at Google ? - How does he encourage students ?)

Ans: -

    Arun Krishnamurthy is a young environmentalist. He founded an NGO called EFI - Environmentalist Foundation of India. He was just seventeen years old when he founded EFI. Arun and his team of volunteers clean beaches and other water bodies, plant trees and also make environment friendly bags. At first, he cleaned a lake next to his house. It was heavily polluted . It led to the spread of mosquitoes. Arun‘s parents and teachers supported him a lot. He feels that it is important to protect animals and birds. He also feels that water bodies should be cleaned so that birds and animals can live peacefully.

The NGO cleans water bodies and uses the garbage for landfill with no or minimal exposure to envoronment.Arun left his job at Google to devote his full attention to environment. EFI offers fellowships to students who are interested in it.

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