General Knowledge Test - 1 / Talati cam mantri and Junior clerk exam

General Knowledge Test - 1 

Total Questions - 20 

Level - Medium 

Can enter up to. Hence the development of plankton useful as fish food. The Gulf of Kutch is very useful for breeding oysterThis industry has developed a lot in Gujarat as there are roads and transportation facilities to the centers or ports of the fishing industry. The Mediterranean fishery near Dwarka is considered one of the best fisheries in India. Gujarat ranks third in the country in terms of fish productionIs. West Bengal is ranked first and Kerala is ranked 

econdA valuable whale shark is found in winter on the coast between Okha and Veraval in Gujarat and is exported to Singapore, Taiwan, Korea and Hong Kong. Shrimps are found in the Bhambra waters near Surat, Valsad and Bharuch.The regional office of the Central Government's Marine Products Expert Development Authority at Cochin is located at Valsad in Gujarat.Various commercially useful fishes are found from the coast of Gujarat such as white and black prophet, Indian salmon, hilsa, bombedax, jupiter, pearl, shrimpus, prawn, bumblebee, tuna, shrimp, lottery, cab, dhoma, windowpane oyster, shark, Dara, catfish, bluepids etc. Pearlfish giving pearls are found in the coral islands

ભારતનું બંધારણ ટેસ્ટ આપવા માટે

અહીં ક્લિક કરો

 JamnagarIs. Veraval is the largest fishing center in Gujarat.Jafrabad has a fishmill plant with a daily production of 10 tons.Shark oil plants at Veraval, Madhwawad and PorbandarAre located. For the development of Gujarat's fishing industry since October, 1983‘Gujarat Fisheries Development Corporation Limited (GFCDL) has been established.There are 10 first class fishing ports in Gujarat.(1) Veraval (2) Porbandar (4) Mangrol (4) Jafrabad (5) Jakhau (6) Dwarka (7) Okha (4) Rajpara (9) Nawabandar (10) UmarsadThere are a total of 30 fish seed production farms in Gujarat. Fisheries Industrial Estate was established at OkhaInternal freshwater fisheries developed in these five rivers Narmada, Tapi, Mahi, Sabarmati and Banas in Gujarat.

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