Quiz on Mahatma Gandhiji 2023 Total Questions 20 level - Advance

Quiz on Mahatma Gandhiji 2023

 Total Questions 20

 level - Advance 

The chairman of the convention, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, was a symbol of the fierce spirit of the Indian nationalist.  In this, the Congress rejected the proposal of the Dominion States and declared complete self-government.  Congress Roundtable |  Decided not to attend the convention and courtesy law |  Breaking and starting a "no-tax" fight program The Congress Manifesto of 26 January 1930 declared the British Government to be responsible for the economic, political, cultural and spiritual collapse of India and declared the birthright of the Indian people to be independent.The whole public showed enthusiasm on this occasion.  This made it clear that the country was ready for a political movement.  Congress members and other nationalists resigned from the legislatures.  In February 1930, the All India Congress Committee gave Gandhiji the right to start a civil disobedience movement.

 Gandhiji's 11 women want

 After getting the right to start a civil disobedience movement, Gandhiji made his 11-point proposal to the government and made it clear that there would be no need for a satyagraha movement if the government accepted these conditions.nder the 11 conditions laid down by Gandhiji

 Was according to -Absolutely abstinence

(2) Reduce the exchange rate of the rupee

 Keep the shilling four pence.


Reduce revenue by 50%.  Eliminate the salt tax.  (4) (5) Reduce the cost of the army by at least 50 per cent.

 (6) Half the salary of high level government jobs.  Imposition of tax on import of foreign garments.

 (8) Indian beaches are protected only for Indian ships

 (9) All political prisoners be released

 Diplomatic matters are lifted and deported

 Indians should be allowed to return to the country.

 (10) Abolish the intelligence policing system (CCLD.) Or establish public control over it.  (11) Allowing the possession of a weapon for self-defense.

 → But the government did not take any interest in these demands (conditions),

 The Dandi Yatra (1930) laid the preconditions for a roundtable conference of Gandhiji's 11 demands before the Viceroy Lord Irwin.  But none of this was discussed in the Legislative Assembly, so Gandhi wrote a letter to Lord Irwin informing him that the fight against civil disobedience would begin on March 12, 1930.  .

 Before the commencement of Dandikucha on March 12, 1930, Gandhiji vowed in a prayer meeting at Sabarmati Ashram, "I will die like a crow or a dog, but I will not set foot in this ashram without taking Swaraj."

 → On March 12, 1930, at 6.30 am, Gandhiji started the Dandi march from Sabarmati Ashram.

 Gandhiji and 78 of his companions (who were also American Web Millers) started the journey.  Mr. Khare

 Pritam's hymn with the tune of "Raghupati Raghav Rajaram"

 Started singing.

 After a total of 241 miles from Sabarmati, he reached Dandi on April 5, 1930.

 After bathing in the sea on April 6, 1930 at 6.00 am, Clarke took a pinch of salt and said, "I put salt in the foundation of the British Empire building."  And the thunderous roar of thousands of people echoed, "Salt broke the law."

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