General Knowledge Test - 4

General Knowledge Test - 4

Total - Questions - 15

Level - Easy 

Written Examination:Written examination of 100 objective questions will be taken for recruitment of all the posts.  In which one mark of each question will be written and the total marks will be 100.  The examination time will be two hours.  This question paper covers general knowledge, current trends, computer knowledge, psychology, history, geography, sociology, mental capacity, science as well as basic principles of the Constitution of India, Indian Criminal Act-190, Criminal Procedure Act-13, and Indian Evidence Act-1.  Primary types of questions will be covered.  This written test will be taken in MCQ (Multiple Choice Question) and OMR (Optical Mark Reader) method.  All questions must be answered.  Each question will also be given a “Not Attempted” option. If a candidate does not want to answer a question, the “Not Attempted” option will have to be selected. If the “Not Attempted” option is 

selected, no negative marking will be made  One mark will be given for this and also the negative mark for each wrong answer will be 0.3. If the candidate has not chosen any option then 0.2 marks will be considered negative.If more than one option is chosen then 0.2 marks will be considered negative. OMR  The use of white ink in the sheet is prohibited. If any candidate uses white ink in the answer to any question, the answer will be considered as wrong and negative marks will be given. - The medium of written examination will be Gujarati.The minimum qualification for passing the written test will be 50%.Candidates who wish to recheck the OMR Sheet of their written examination will be given 15 (fifteen) days from the second day of declaration of marks for rechecking as shown in the examination rules and will have to pay the fee fixed by the Board for rechecking.

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