Police Psi Asi Law (કાયદો) Test - 2

Police Psi Asi Law (કાયદો) Mock Test - 2

Police constable PSI and ASI Mock Test 

Total Marks - 15 

Level - Medium

Most Important Question Answers

A final selection list will be prepared.  When preparing the selection list, when two or more candidates have the same marks (1), the date of birth of the candidates was taken into consideration.  By date of birth

 The older candidate will be given first preference.  (3) If both the marks and the date of birth are the same then the height of the candidates should be taken into consideration

 The first preference will be given to the candidate whose height is higher. (2) If the marks, date of birth and height are the same then the marks obtained in the Higher Secondary Examination of the candidates or in the examination before Std-12 recognized by the Government of Gujarat will be taken into consideration.  The first choice to the candidate whose marks will be higher


Candidate will be given only (2) marks, date of birth, height and higher secondary examination or the marks obtained in the standard equivalent examination approved by the Government of Gujarat.

 A slow obtained score will be taken into consideration.  Which marks the candidate more

 The candidate will be given first choice.

 The waiting list will not be kept as.

 (20) Marav for filling the form

 (20) For all the places, only online application has to be made.  The online application

 This can be done from the website.

 Candidates with fixed qualifications should apply for all the above cadre posts

 The same application form has to be filled.

 Color passport size photograph, scanned by the applicant while applying

 To keep his signature, required certificate and proof, so that the correct information can be filled in the application.  (30.4) The pint of the application has to be deleted by confirming the online application

 After the application is confirmed, the examination fee can be paid on the road or online at the post office as per the instruction given in the next paragraph. 

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