General Knowledge (G.K.) Mock Test - 5 important for Police talati clerk etc.

General Knowledge Gk Mock Test - 5

For all competitive exams

Total Marks - 15

Level - Medium

Banaskantha has Arasur, Jessore, Chori Dungar and Tunga mountains.  Arasur is the largest mine in Gujarat.  From which copper, zinc and lead are found.Ambaji is located in the hills of Arasur.  Which is the largest Shakti Peeth of Gujarat.  Where ‘Mangalyava’ is located.  Gabbar's hill is located in Arasur.  Jessore is the second highest peak in Gujarat.  (1090 m.) The northernmost sanctuary of Gujarat is 'Jessore Bear Sanctuary'.  The river Saraswati flows from the Chiri hill and the Rupen river flows from the Tunga mountain.


The only peak of Mehsana is Taranga.  Which is located in Satlasana taluka.  Here is the Derasar of Ajitnath.  Which is made by Ashok Kumarpal of Gujarat.  There is a ‘Tirthkar Forest’ near Taranga.The hill of Vijayanagar, Khedbrahma and Idrio Garh are located in Sabarkantha.The only Chaturbhujich Brahmaji temple in Gujarat is located at Khedbrahma.  

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In addition to Brahmaj Located at Kamarej in Surat and Brahmani in Surendranagar.The steps of the Idrio fort were built by Kumarapala. Idriya Garh is home to Ranmal Choki, Ranmaleshwar Lake and Ruthirani.  Shyam Lake is formed due to the Mampo Dam on the Meshwo River in Aravalli District.  Jeni B Shamlaji's hill is located.

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  On which stands the temple of Shamlaji, the idol of Lord Krishna holding a dark form of mace.  This area is also known as 'Gadadharpuri'.Shyamalvan is located here.The fair of Shamlaji is held here which is also called the longest running fair of Gujarat and the fair of choice.  The folk song about Shamlaji is "Shamlaji na mele ranjaniye re pejaniyo vage".

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