Std 9 English (First Exam) Paper Solution 2021

Std - 9 English First Exam paper solution. 

                       Section - A

Paragraph - 1 After his performance...)

Ans - 1 Someone said that the Sitar's
 sound is like a flowing stream.
Ans- 2 Someone said that moha kon's brother played the violin and his Sur and Tal were very beautiful.

Paragraph - 2 (Gradually Chandani stopped  eating....) 

Ans - 3 Chandni became thin because she stopped eating the green grass and tasty grains.

Ans - 4 Chandni stared moodlessly at the hills bathing in the sunlight or playing with the clouds.

Paragraph - 3 (When she came to my.....)

Ans - 5 When the author saw the girl for the first time, he could not stop staring at her.

Ans - 6 The girl had a pale skin, shiny black hair and dark eyes.

Ans - 7 The girls saw that the author was looking at her intently, but she pretended not to notice it. 

STANZA - 1 (River, river, brimming river...)

Ans - 8 'Brimming river' means an overflowing river.

Ans - 9 The river flowing towards ocean.

* Complete the sentence using set of words

Ans - 10 Though there was little hope of winning the case, The poor man was determined to fight for his rights.

Ans - 11 As the light grew faint, the children ran towards their houses.

                            Section - B 

*Who said to whom 

Ans - 12 Dr. Sharma said to Sonia ( changed question)

Ans - 13 Govinda Said to Abbu chacha.

Ans - 14 Shanno Said to Edie

* Fill in the blanks. 

Ans - 15 You must brush your teeth properly twice a day once in the morning and once before you go to bed.

* Read the passage and answer the questions. 

Ans - 16 When spring sets in, they go to fields in other area.

Ans - 17 The handmade Turkish Kilims and carpets are famous all over the world.

Ans - 18 the community centres teach girls and women how to earn money.

Ans - 19 The sisters learn to take kilims and carpet weaving classes at the centre.

* Read the interview and answer the questions. 

Ans - 20 A lovely place turned into an ugly neighborhood because a lake had a lot of birds,frogs and snakes was heavily polluted. it lead to the spread of mosquitoes.

Ans - 21 Environment was the interest of Arun Krishnamurthy. Or The interest of Arun Krishnamurthy was environment.

Ans - 22 before jumping into any action Arun Krishnamurthy always informed his parents about everything that he did and took their advice.

                           Section - C

* Read the data and ans the questions. 

Ans - 23 Sureshbhai has three grandchildren. Tina, Aman and Jasmin.

Ans - 24 Jasmine and Tina are cousins.

Ans - 25 Aman is a nephew of Gaurav. Or Gaurav is an uncle of Aman.

* Change the text. 

Ans - 26 Keval was swimming. His friends were playing cricket. Were they enjoying? Yes, they were.

* Correct the underlined parts. 

Ans - 27 When the time was over we handed our answer books to the teacher. Some of us were satisfied and happy.

                            Section - D 


Ans - 28 Ramu and Jatin are postmen.

Ans - 29 I will have either tea or coffee.

* Match the function. 

Ans - 30 Keyur always stands first in the class. - b)frequency of action
Ans - 31 Disha was reading a book - a) describing past event

* Complete the sentence using function. 

Ans - 32 Could you please give me a pen?
Ans - 33 Jay is as tall as Kishan.

Write the proper questions. 

Ans - 34 (D) Where did the students meet?
Ans - 35 (A) Why she is crying?

*Complete the dialogue. 

Ans - 36 No, they weren't.
Ans - 37 I love it.

                          Section - E

* Paragraph writing.

Ans - 38
A visit to a Garden.

- Last Sunday I visited a garden near our house in the evening. It is a very big and a beautiful garden. There are many trees and flower plants in the garden. There is a lovely fountain in the garden. The birds were singing in trees. There were so many butterflies around the flowers. The children were playing on slides and swings. Some were running on green grass. Some old people were sitting on benches and talking one another. There was a balloon-man and ice-cream seller too. I enjoyed a lot with my friends in the garden.


My Gujarat

-The gujarat is one of the most developed states in India. The people of Gujarat are friendly and adventurous. Great national leaders like Gandhiji, Sardar Patel and Morarji Desai were born in Gujarat. Gandhinagar is the capital of Gujarat. Gujarat has many industries and co-operative dairies. The bandhani work of Jamnagar, the patola saris of Patan and the zari work of Surat are famous. Makar Sankranti, Navaratri and Janmashtami are some of the popular festivals. Khaman dhokla, undhiyu, jalebi and ganthiya are some of tasty food items of Gujarat. Gujarat has many places of pilgrimage like Dwarka, Palitana and Ambaji. Sasan Gir, Nal Sarovar and the Rann of Kachchh are the famous wildlife sanctuaries.

* Picture description. 

Ans - 39 Picture Description

This is a picture of a
farm. It is a big farm. There is a house on the farm. There are man big and shady trees on the farm. There is an old banyan tree near the house. There is a well the right of the house. One woman is drawing water from the well. There are two earthen pots near the well. Another woman is carrying a pot on her head and walking away. The cow-shed is to the left the house. A girl and a boy are flying a kite. I like to visit a farm.

Answer key prepared by - Devkaran Boliya 

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