English Grammar Test - 22 Clerk Talati psi

 English Grammar Test - 22 

Clerk Talati psi  

Total Questions - 15

Topic - Subject Verb Agreement

Level - Medium

A person who holds a lucrative position under the Government of India or any State Government or any local or other authority under the control of any of the above Governments is not eligible to be elected as Vice-President.  App.  - Under 66, if a person is the President, Vice-President or Governor of a State or Minister of a State, for that reason alone, he shall not be deemed to have held the office of profit.  35.3 |  Electoral College Elected Members of both Houses of Parliament + 14 members appointed by the President.  (12 Rajya Sabha + 2 Lok Sabha) Elected members of state legislatures cannot participate in the election of Vice President.  35.4.  35.4 ceila Raisia ​​(Principles of Election) Proportional Representation Single Transferable Vote. 


Election Process.  Article 66 provides for the election process of the Vice-President. A constituency consisting of both Houses in Parliament elects the Vice-President by a single transferable vote according to proportional representation.  First of all, the name of the eligible candidate for the post of Vice President should be proposed by at least 20 members of the constituency.  And at least 20 other members must have endorsed them.  Candidate for the post of Vice President has to deposit a security deposit of Rs. 15000 / - in the Reserve Bank of India.  If the candidate cannot get even one-sixth (1/6) of the total votes, his deposit will be forfeited.  > 14 members appointed by the President will also participate in the election of the Vice President.  (12 Rajya Sabha + 2 Lok Sabha) is voted by the constituency and the candidate who gets 50% + 1 of the total votes is declared the winner.

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