Std 10 English New gala assignment paper 4 pdf

 Std 10 English 

New gala assignment

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The country's political climate was extremely tense after the war.  Elections were held after the new election.  At this time, the officers of Azad Hind Foj had tried to prosecute them and tried to punish them.  Demonstrations were held at several places in the country against this.  There was also a military revolt in Jabalpur.n the third week of February, 1946, the Indian Navy and part of the Air Force revolted, showing sympathy to the officers of the Azad Hind Army.  The British Government could not remain 

Std 10 English Assignment Paper - 4 Pdf

indifferent to these developments in India.  The mutiny of the troops was a sign of danger for the future, so it was felt in England that the problem of Indian independence could not be avoided.view of the changing political situation in India, the British Prime Minister Attlee announced in Parliament on February 16, 1946 that three members of the Cabinet would be sent to India with the intention of meeting Indian leaders.  Will plan in relation to freedom.  Cabinet on March 24, 1946

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