Std 10 English Unit 1 Against the Odds True - False Important 30 True False

 Std 10 English 

Unit 1 Against the Odds 

True - False 

Important 30 True False 

1. The residents of Taj Nagar lobbied for a railway station for twenty one years.

 – False (25 years)

2.The villagers of Taj Nagar collected twenty five lakh rupees to build a railway station.

– False (21 lakh rupees)

3. Majority of people living in TajNagar are businessmen.

– False (Farmer)

4. They contributed according to their capacity. Ranging from three thousand rupees to seventy five thousand rupees.

– True

5.The construction of Taj Nagar railway station was started in 2010.   

– False (2008)

6. Ranjit Singh is the sarpanch of Taj Nagar village.

 – False (Former Sarpanch)

7. Halimandi and Patli are six kms. away from the Tajnagar.

– True

8. The Railway line passed through the Tajnagar Village.

– True

9. The railway authorities decided to build a station in Taj Nagar.

 – False (The people of Tajnagar decided)

10. The villagers of Tajnagar wanted to renovate the station.

– False (build a railway station)

11. The villagers raised the demand for the station in 1982.

– True

12. Hukumchand was the member of the committee.

– True

13. The Tajnagar village panchayat passed a resolution in 2007.

– False (2008)

14. The Tajnagar Railway station became india’s first station in which railway did not spend a single rupee.


15. There are over seventy percent of households are without power in rural uttar pradesh. 

– False (Sixty )

16. MGP connects customer to solar power at a district level.

- False (village level)

17. MGP has connected 2000 customers to solar-power minigrids.

– False (3500 customers)

18. MGP provides two LED lights and a mobile charging point to all paying households.

– True

19. Solar power is costlier than kerosene.

– False (cheaper )

20. Solar power is a smokefull source for light.

-  False (Smokeless )

21. No one gets involved when the solar panels are installed in the  village.

- False (everyone)

22. The solar panels are installed on the tops of every house in the village.

- False (a sturdy, brick-walled house)

23. The team maps in the damdampurava village.

– True

24. Azaz is one of the company’s fisrt electrician recruited in the block of Rausa.

– True

25. The solar panel is set in northenly direction to capture as much sunlight as possible.

– False ( southenly)

26. The palakkad’s library has been up and running since 2013.

– True

27. Out of thousand members of the library, three hundred are women.

– True

28. The library launched a women‘s unit in September 2013.

– False (2014)

29. Separate reading room for women was set up to give them safe space.


30. Through reading women would become more educated.

- True

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