Indian Geography (Bharat ni bhugol) Test - 1 Total marks - 35

Indian Geography (Bharat ni bhugol)Test - 1

Topic - ભારત ની ભૂગોળ નો સામાન્ય પરિચય.

 Total marks - 35

level - Basic to Medium  

Hello friends, the subject of today's test is the geography of India.  What are the important caps asked in today's competitive exam? General Introduction to Geography of India which includes 35 questions today. These questions will be very important for the next competitive exam as these questions are based on the questions asked earlier.  Included.  In this test questions are asked about the states and union territories of India, neighboring countries of India and the countries connected to the sea around India and socio-economic geography and political geography are introduced. In this test the question level is generally kept medium to start exam preparation.  This test can also be useful for students.  Questions have been asked about India's location in the world in terms of population and area and India's total land boundary, maritime boundary, maximum number of coastal states, and India's east-west, north-west and south-end point, latitude and longitude.  Also given is how many cancerous states pass through India and the proportion of India compared to the international daily line is compared.  Thus, all the general geographical aspects of India have been covered and very important questions have been drawn which can prove to be very important for all the examinations from class-4 to class one and two of the next competitive examination.

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Indian Geography Test-1

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