Indian Geography (Bharat ni bhugol) Test - 2

 Indian Geography (Bharat ni bhugol) Test - 2

 Topic - બ્રહ્માંડ અને સુર્યમંડળ 

Total Marks - 35 

Level - Medium to Advance 

Hello friends, today's test is the subject of India's Geography Test contains 35 important questions about the universe and the solar system which is a very important topic of Indian geography. This topic is the most asked topic in all competitive exams from class-4 taken by Gujarat government.  Questions about this topic have been asked earlier in all the competitive examinations up to class one and two on the basis of which all the possible questions on this topic are included here. These questions are non-secretariat clerk who is Talati or junior clerk or deputy mamlatdar.  This topic is very useful for all competitive exams as we have studied something from primary school to higher secondary and this topic is closely connected with our life so it is very important to remember this topic if you  Even if you are not preparing for a competitive exam, you can test your knowledge by taking this test. I am confident that this test will be very useful to all my friends. The eight planets in the universe  There is also information about planets and satellites like Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Uranus, Neptune, Sun, lunar planets and solar system so that this topic can prove to be very important whether it is a Gujarat Government exam or a Central Government exam.  Getting answers to these 35 questions can enhance your knowledge.

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Indian Geography Test - 2

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