Bandharan (Indian Constitution) Test - 3 TOPIC - Preamble (આમુખ)

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 Today's test is about the preamble of a very important topic of the Indian Constitution.  In which a total of 6 questions are included.  Friends are asked questions in all competitive exams about the prologue of the constitution.  The constitution is a very important subject for all competitive examinations so that one can qualify by getting maximum marks in it.

Bandharan (Indian Constitution) Test - 3
TOPIC - Preamble (આમુખ)

Friends in the same way you can check your knowledge by giving a topic wise test of each subject and if you get more marks based on the test your preparation is in the right direction and if you get less marks in the test you should still prepare for a subject like constitution of India.  It is important to take the test as well as reading as part of effective preparation as friends, as long as you remember what you have read and to take the test to memorize the topic periodically, it is very important to pass the competitive exam.  You will be able to know how much more preparation is needed and you will be able to increase your knowledge by giving more tests along with more reading.
 Friends In this blog, MCQ test of 30 to 50 marks questions on important topics is taken by covering all the important topics asked in the competitive exam such as English grammar, Gujarati literature, constitution, history, geography, science and technology, computer current affairs, as well as other details such as  For General Knowledge Current Affairs you can search and join Exam Mania Channel.  You can tolerate the link given below to join the telegram channel from the block so that all the details related to the competitive exam are available to you on a single platform. It has been a humble effort.

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Bandharan Test - 3

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