Science & Technology Test - 2 Topic - (Biology) Circulatory system and blood group Total Marks - 30

Science & Technology Test - 2 

Topic - (Biology) Circulatory system and blood group Total Marks - 30

 Total Marks - 30

Medium : Easy to Medium

 - The instrument for measuring the heartbeat of the rise is the earcope, • Ec.  (Electro Cardio Gram) • Ec.6 is a tool that graphs the pulse of the rise.  A heartbeat is called a cardiologist.  The only artery is done.  Is it called a vein?  ECG: Ariary blood (blood clots (1). Blood is carried in the arteries of the bloodstream. The blood containing 0 (oxygen) is carried in the artery. It is bright red in color.  The wall is a thick endocrine gland, (2) slow. A healthy person's blood pressure is 120/80 mm / hg.  (B) Jetkana1519 fordi (Vein) - The vein wall is thinner than an artery.  These valves do not exist in the arteries. Caravahiti / Blood capillary, Katakana  The small ૨ cuticles are transformed into branches called capillaries, which are, and co, not  He gives you.  The convergence of Dwir in Tad which is the quadrangular heart of man.  The upper two segments are called atria and the lower two segments are called ventricles.  If there is a vidal vav, • J has a triad valve between the atrium and the right ventricle, while the left atrium and the left ventricle have silver in the right stigma.  * Pure blood from Oxa flows into the left atrium.  While from the body parts here the dhaba will go from the atrium to the left ventricle and from there to the body parts.  The run from the right atrium will come to the right ventricle and from there to purify will go.

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