Gujarat no Itihas (History of Gujarat) Test - 5 Topic - Anumaitrak Kal and chavda vansh

 Gujarat no Itihas (History of Gujarat) Test - 5

Topic - અનુંમૈત્રક કાળ તથા ચાવડા વંશ 

 Total Marks - 25

Test Level - Medium To Advance 

The founder of the state in Anhilwad Patan was Vanraj Chavdani, Solanki Raja Bhuvad of Kanoja (on the occasion of the coronation of Pratihar Raja Nagbhatt or 'Kakar' (Kakarpada Dist.  According to legend, in the lineage of Vanraj, the following are respectively: 4 Gandhi 8 Avaso 6 SIC 1 Yuvara.  Aduk (Eighth Region near Wadhwan) | Gone.  : The ruling Roopsundari lived in Panchasar. Sindh invasion K. Bhoj) Chavda invaded King Jayashikhari.  When Bhuvad returned to Kanauj, Roopsundari met Vanraj Chavda in the forest in 696 AD.  Gave birth.  Gave the key.  After the death of Jayashikhari, the Panchasar Chavda kingdom came to an end.  4 Chavda state of Anhilwad in the middle of the river.  (Chapotkat Chor, Chorta) and did not establish a new one called Anhilpatak in the forest land, and  Why in 746.  Tilak was made to Sridevi (sister of religion) of the village and made Chori Jamb his Mahamatya.  Vanraj Chavdo was a Jain Pum.  - Theft in robbery - Loot, 2 pies in Valkhi, South Gu 500 Tibha Rishi only soup name Kadwar (Between the rectangles became about 'Anu-Maitrak Anhilwad Patan.  1) 1 Riya - (2) Yograj - 17 years.

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