Bandharan (Indian Constitution). Test - 14 Topic - The president (Part - 2)

 Bandharan (Indian Constitution). Test - 14

Topic - ભારતના રાષ્ટ્રપતિ (Part - 2)

Total Marks - 20

Level - Hard 

Source - M.Laxmikant Book 

In this course, the seam gets wet with water which kills my husband in the mind of my little one  Sathoma un ni papa paa pan kar samosamni ha na dhodhi var bada pakshni biji chamanma na ma tamo pagarat maratiya siman mein mara kama |  No anger in the husband's parmar 36.3 Rale Principles of Election) We are for the mind rad (Vote Countia) G table, Usha is Proportional and Ume is done.  The main motive for accepting Maa Pati is Maa Mani Koni as well as Hajj usually happens in Marvi fairy jails.  Through the husband of No. to the voters the texture of their votes 1 Umetha Vadta of the organization.  Mr. Jayaye of the Opposition.  D.  Dashamun Umesh Sata.  As well as many giri (varah miri vair giri) ume valid votes mana naj maja other two can suffice. 1. We werd (Single Transferable is the foundation in tea husband's weaving,,,,;  Te) The total number of valid votes of the members and the MLAs who have gone to the 5th Legislative Assembly of Marat 4120) is 10 (M).  The value of the number of valid votes required to get the minimum number of votes for the candidate to be the winner is not the total death seat  according to which 10 out of the total will be considered the winner.  i is lost. 

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