Bandharan (Indian Constitution) Test - 15 Topic - President

Bandharan (Indian Constitution) Test - 15

 Topic - The President of India ( ભારતના રાષ્ટ્રપતિ)

Part - 3

Total Marks - 20

Level - Advance 

 The President acts as the Constitutional Head of the Union of India.  The name of the President is the head only.  (Norminal Executive) - de jure executive - is the first citizen of India.  In this way he is a symbol of the unity and integrity of the nation, he is the head of the army of the three wings of the army (Supreme Conrnander of the Defense Force of India) casid (Qualification) Article-58 Presidential qualification is provided.  Must be a citizen of Marat.  Must be at least 35 years of age.  - Must be eligible to be elected as a member of the Shakasabha.  Cricket should not reach any position of advantage in the state government.  Vyabhana Position: President, Vice-President, Whale, Sampak can be contested for the entire month of the state, i.e. for the post of President, 6. He can contest the election of the President, 6. Electoral College Rapper Paravak Samaj Deposit  Not to Participate in Election (Participate in Election) (Nominated in both groups of Parliament)

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