Std 10 English Unit 2 The Human Robot True / False

Std 10 English

 Unit 2 The Human Robot 

True / False

Unit – 2 The Human Robot

True or False

 વીડિયો જોવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો...
Std 10 English Unit - 2 True False

1)   1. Prem Chopra used the robot for stealing things. – True

2)    2. The robot will never obey his master. False

3)    3. Ram Singh 070 lifted a necklace from Jhaveri Brothers.- False

4)   4.  The salesman was tall and wide-eyed. – False

5)   5.  Prem Chopra was arrested from his home. – True

6)    6. The Super Robots Plaza makes robots for helping in stealing things. – False

7)   7.  Prem Chopra was bewildered when he was greeted by a robot. – True

8)    8. The robot will not harm humans. – True

9)    9. Prem Chopra threatened to defuse the robot. – True

110. In difficult condition, Ram Singh could disobey his master. – False

11. The robot followed Prem Chopra like a faithful dog at Jhaveri Brothers. – False

12. Prem Chopra threatened to defuse the robot. – True

The police caught Ram Singh - 070 from Gopal jewelers.- False

13. Councel Goel helped Prem Chopra to get bail until the court hearing.- False

14. The robot will harm himself in difficult situation. – False

15. Prem Chopra requested the judge to call the robot in the court. – False

16. The Robot was caught in the computerized cameras set up by the police. – True

17. Prem chopra had impressed when he heard the third principle. – False

18. A fruit vendor noticed Ram Singh-070 stealing a bunch of Afghani grapes. – True

19. Prem chopra disposed the things through his robot. – False

20. Prem Chopra appeared confident and crisp. – False

21. The robot chose to destroy himself rather than tell a lie. – True

22. Robots do not cause harm to people and neither can they disobey their masters. – True

23. The court declared Ram Singh-070 as a guilty of theft. – False

24. The court declared Prem Chopra as a guilty of theft – True

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