Std 10 English Unit 3 An Inetrview with Arun Krushnamurthy True /False

 Std 10 English 

Unit 3 An Inetrview with Arun Krushnamurthy 

True /False 

Unit – 3 An Inetrview with Arun Krushnamurthy

1)    1. Arun was just 15 years old when he founded an NGO. – False

1)  2.   Arun and his team educate people through reading books. – False

2)    3. Arun And his team make environment friendly paper bag. – True

3)   4.  In Arun‟s team, the youngest volunteer is in class 5. – False

4)   5.  Arun’s first activity was to clean beaches in chennai. – False

5)  6.   Arun was always stopped from doing what he wanted by his parents. – False

6)    7. Arun never informed his parents about everything that he did.- False

7)    8. Arun’s parents taught him humility. – False

8)   9.  Arun‟s school and college were home to several other life forms. – True

10. Arun was an activist and not an environmentalist. – False

11. Arun started thinking himself a superstar.- False

12. Arun became snobbish and arrogant. – False

13. Arun quit his job at Google in 2010. – True

14. The animals are always lazy and inactive. – False

15. It is always good decide in favour of what you really love to do. – True

16. Arun‟s only duties have come to an end and not his emotional bond. – True

17. A small beginning is important to ensure larger participation. – True

18. Arun and his team do not use any safety gear when they go to clean water bodies.-False

19. Arun and his team welcome the students in helping the environment. – True

20. We should decrease the amount of trash that we generate. – True

21. Every student is welcome to volunteer in helping the environment. – True

22. The school-going children need to devote four hours a weekend. – True

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