Std 10 English Unit – 4 A Wonderful Creation True/False

 Std 10 English 

Unit – 4 A Wonderful Creation  


Unit – 4 A wonderful Creation

 1. The Lord was into his sixth day of overtime. –True

 2. The angel did not want to know the details of the creation.
- False

 3. A mother's parts should be movable and replaceable.

A mother's kiss can cure everything. –True

 5.The hands of the mother were a problem for the Lord. - False

 6. The Lord wanted to give three pairs of eye to the mother.
– True

 7. A mother cannot heal herself when she is sick.
- False

8. Mothers have self curing power.-True

9. Mother‟s lap doesn‟t disappear when she stands up. – False

 10 The angel thought that the model of a mother was tough.
- False

11.  The tear was a miracle.
– True

12. Mother‟s eyes quickly understand the feelings and emotions of her children.- True

13. The Lord needed the advice of the angel so he called him.-False

14. The Lord put the tear in mother‟s eyes.-False

15. The good Lord created the perfect model of a mother in a day.-False

 16. The good Lord easily decided on how and where to put the three pairs of eyes. - False.

17.  Mother would manage a child‟s bath, play, study, food without getting irritated. – True

18. Mother has six pairs of eye. – False

19. Mother has three pairs of hand. – False

20. The model of a mother was a miracle.- False

21. Mother can only think but can not reason and compromise. – False

22. The model of mother was very hard. – False

23. The and angel moved his fingers on the legs. – False

24. The tear may be for pain , joy, pride, or loneliness. – True.

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