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શિક્ષણની ફિલસૂફી - કેળવણી અને તેના સ્વરૂપો

આદર્શવાદ , પ્રકૃતિવાદ તથા વ્યવહારવાદ

શૈક્ષણિક મનોવિજ્ઞાન - વ્યક્તિત્વ

શૈક્ષણિક મનોવિજ્ઞાન - બુદ્ધિ 

શૈક્ષણિક મનોવિજ્ઞાન - બચાવ પ્રયુક્તિ 

શૈક્ષણિક મનોવિજ્ઞાન - અધ્યયન સિદ્ધાતો 

સ્કિનર , પાવલોવ, થોર્નડાઈક તથા કોહલર ના પ્રયોગો સમજૂતી સાથે..

વિવિધ શિક્ષણપંચો અને સમિતિઓ

વિવિધ બુદ્ધિ કસોટીઓ

અત્યાર સુધીની પરીક્ષામાં પૂછાયેલા ખૂબ જ મહત્વના પ્રશ્નો જવાબ


અન્ય તમામ મહત્વના વીડિયો જુઓ...

fter the candidate downloads the Holtikit, study the instructions given below in detail.  A sample of the OMR sheet provided during the examination along with Holtikit will also be placed on the website.  It is very important to study in detail all the instructions printed on the sample of this OMR sheet.  So that no confusion arises during the examination.  12. In order to pass this test, the candidates of all the categories have to get 50% marks of the total marks, i.e. out of the total marks of 200, they have to get 100 marks in both the sections.  13. Only the candidates who have passed this test will be given a certificate with marks by the board. 6/22 14. The validity of this test will be up to five years from the date of result.  15. Once this test is given any candidate will be able to take the test more than once for his / her qualitative improvement and good merit and in that case the certificate of the test which the candidate will present at the time of recruitment will be taken into consideration.  16. Candidates are advised to beware of anti-social elements who engage in this test conducted by the State Examination Board.  Candidates who bring any kind of lagwag will be disqualified and disciplinary action will be taken.  17. If any further information is required as per the above advertisement, the toll free helpline number 1800 233 7963 of the Board office can be contacted during office hours on the current working day of the office.  18. This test is to get the required qualification to be a teacher in registered private (grant-in-aid) and government higher secondary schools. Passing this test does not establish the right of choice as a teacher.  .  .  .  How to apply online: With reference to this advertisement by the State Examination Board from 31/06/2018 (12:00 noon) to 08/09/2018 (8.5 hours at night) http: //ojas.gujarat  Applications will be accepted online at .gov.in.  The instructions for filling up the prescribed form online are as follows.  The candidate has to follow the following steps to apply.  The application form must be filled online accurately.  The name, surname, date of birth, gender (category) or any other matter will not be amended later by the board.  Of which special note.  The entire form has to be filled in English.  First go to http://ojas.gujarat.gov.in.  Then click on "Apply" in "Online Application".  If the candidate has registered on Ojas website, enter his registration number and date of birth and click on "Apply".  • If the candidate is not registered on Ojas website and wants to make a new registration, he can fill in his details by clicking on "New Registration" and get the registration number.  If the candidate wants to fill the form without registering on Ojas website, he has to proceed by clicking on "Skip".  The online application form for the relevant advertisement will then open.

Teacher's Preference for Candidacy as a Teacher in Private (Grant-in-Aid) Higher Secondary Schools Registered with the Education Department's Declaration No: GH / SH / 4 / BMS / 1103 / G dated 07/09/2018  The planning work of the test has been entrusted to the State Examination Board.Declaration No: GH / SH / 4 / BMS / 1103/1905 / G of the Education Department dated 07/06/2018 The work of planning the Teacher Aptitude Test required for candidature as a teacher in Government Higher Secondary Schools.  Raj  The examination is assigned to the Board.  Education Department's Resolution No .: Bamash / 1112/4 / G dated 30/05/2017 and Correction Resolution No .: Bamash / 1112/3 / G dated 08/09/2018 Private registered (Grant-in-Ed)  Rules have been laid down for teacher aptitude tests for recruitment of teachers in higher secondary schools and government higher secondary schools. 

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