Current Affairs November 2021 કરંટ અફેર્સ નવેમ્બર 2021

 Current Affairs November 2021

કરંટ અફેર્સ નવેમ્બર 2021

કુલ પ્રશ્નો 25

લેવલ - મીડિયમ

તમામ સ્પર્ધત્મક પરીક્ષા માટે ઉપયોગી

A lion was lying under a bush. A swarm of mosquitoes was buzzing over him. After a while, the lion woke up. And he said to himself, "I am so strong that I need not fear anyone on this earth!"The mosquitoes hear him. "Don' challenge you," said one of them. that no one is stronger than you. Even we can "Silence, you little insects!" roared the angry lion. "Mind you, I can crush the whole lotf you with a single paw!"The mosquitoes could not bear this. Their leader said, "Come on friends, let's show him our strength. He is boasting too much!"So the whole swarm of mosquitoes attacked the lion. They began to bite him all over!The lion

 jumped around furiously. He tried to kill the mosquitoes. But he could kill only a few of them. The swarm kept on biting him and never stopped. The lion jumped up and down. He ran madly around the bush. The lion was tired. Hecould not fight them back. At last he urged, "Please stop biting. Take pity on me and leave me alone. Now, I know,The leader said, "Don't boast of your strengthever again."

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