Std 9 English Unit 7 Adolescent speak (તરુંણો બોલે છે) Questions Answers

Std 9 English 

Unit 7 Adolescent speak (તારુંણો બોલે છે) Questions Answers 

Read the extracts and answer the questions.

(1) Anchor : Good evening, friends. Welcome to the video-conference arranged by the Youth Club, Ahmadabad. As you know, the subject of the conference is.... What's the way out ? Teenagers of Gujarat would discuss their problems with well known counsellors of our state, Dr. Chandrakant Shah and Mr Saurabh Bakshi.)

1. Who has arranged the video conference?

Ans. The Youth Club of Ahmadabad has arranged a video conference.

2. With whom will the teenagers discuss their problems?

Ans. The teenagers will discuss their problems with well-known coun sellors Dr Chandrakant Shah and Mr Saurabh Bakshi.

(2) Dr Shah: Good evening, Jignesh. What's your problem? Tell us:

Jignesh Lack of self-confidence) is my problem. It has led me to indecisiveness. I cannot take a quick decision, And. I feel I waste my time I prepare a timetable but can't follow it. How can I build up my confidence ? you

Mr Bakshi: In which class are studying, Jignesh? Jignesh:I'm in class X.)

1. What is Jignesh's problem? 

Ans. Jignesh has lacks self-confidence.

2. What problems does Jignesh face because of his lack of self confidence?

Ans. Jignesh's lack of self-confidence has led him to indecisiveness and he feels he wastes time.

3. In which class is Jignesh studying? 

Ans. Jignesh is studying in class 10.

(3) Mr Bakshi Tell me, how many days do

you plan for, Jignesh?

Jignesh I go for month planning

Mr Bakshi: Jignesh, don't plan for long period. Don't set such a difficult goal to achieve Be a practical.

1. How many days does Jignesh plan for?

Ans. Jignesh plans for a month. 

2. What does Mr Bakshi advise Jignesh ?

Ans. Mr Bakshi advises Jignesh not to plan for a long period and not set a difficult goal to achieve.

(4) Jignesh So, should I plan for a week. sir ?

Mr Bakshi: Not even for a week. Plan only for one day and try to follow it. Get habituated to do like this

Jignesh: Will it build confidence in me? Mr Bakshi: Certainly. Only a few minutes. back, you said you can't follow the timetable. This fact discourages you. Follow your timetable for some days. It will boost your confidence.

1. What will boost Jignesh's confidence? Ans. If Jignesh plans for only one day and tries to follow it, he will get habituated to doing like that and it will boost his confidence.

2. What discourages Jignesh ?

Ans. Jignesh gets discouraged when he cannot follow the timetable.

(5) Dilshad: My face in full of pimples. How can I get rid of them?

Dr Shah: What have you done so far? Dilshad: I've applied various creams but nothing has worked.

Dr Shah: Dilshad, don't worry too much.

Pimples are common at this age.

They are sure to go.

Dilshad: But how? I'm tired of applying creams

Dr Shah: Don't get carried away by

the ads. Better consult a skin


1. What is Dilshad's problem?

Ans. Dilshad has pimples on her face.

2. What has she done about it? 

Ans. She has applied various creams, but

nothing has worked. 

3. Why should teenager not worry about


Ans. Teenagers should not worry about pimples because pimples are common during teenage and they are sure to go.

4. What is Dr Shah's advice to Dilshad ? Ans. Dr Shah advises Dilshad not to get carried away by ads and asks her to consult a skin specialist.

(6) Antim: Sir, can a blood donor acquire HIV?

Mr Bakshi: That's a good question. By

the way, a student like you cannot donate blood.

Antim I know that sir, I just want to


Mr Bakshi: It is quite safe to donate blood to an HIV patient. The blood donor cannot get infected because the instruments are sterilised.

Antim: Thank you, sir.

Anchor : You should Know AIDS for no


1. What is Antim's question?

Ans. Antim wants to know if a blood donor can acquire HIV.

2. What does Mr Bakshi tell Antim? 

Ans. Mr Bakshi tells Antim that it is quite safe to donate blood to an HIV patient.

3. Does a blood donor get infected while donating blood? Why?

Ans. A blood donor cannot get infected while donating blood because the instruments are sterilised.

4. Explain the meaning of the slogan:

Know AIDS for no AIDS Ans. This slogan means that if you have all the knowledge or information about AIDS, you will never get AIDS,

(7) Harish: I have a habit of chewing gutkha. Because of this habit, my teeth

are spoiled. I want to get rid of this habit. Please, help me.

Dr Shah: In which class do you study.


Harish: Sir, I'm a class IX student.

Dr Shah: How old is your habit?

Harish: About two years. Dr Shah: How often do you chew gutkha?

Harish: Five-six times a day.

1. What is Harish's problem?

Ans. Harish has a habit of chewing gutkha.

2. What is the result of his habit?

Ans. As a result of his habit, his teeth are spoiled. 

3. For how long has Harish's been

chewing gutkha?

Ans. Harish has been chewing gutkha for

about two years.

4. How often does he chew gutkha? 

Ans. He chews gutkha five to six times a day.

(8) Mr Bakshi: Now, tell me what are your hobbies?

Harish Reading newspapers, magazines and playing on the tabla.

Mr Bakshi That's good. Now, whenever you feel like chewing gutkha. read an interesting news item or article from a newspaper or play on the tabla. Be with your friends, talk to them, play

some games of your choice. Keep your mind engaged in different activities. I'm sure you'll be able to get rid of this habit.

1. What are Harish's hobbies? 

Ans. Harish likes to read newspapers, magazines and to playing on the tabla. 

2. What is Mr Bakshi's advice to


Ans. Mr Bakshi advises Harish to read an interesting news item or article from a newspaper, or play on the tabla or be with his friends, talk to them or play some games of his choice.

3. How can hobbies help us ?

Ans. Hobbies keep our mind engaged in different activities and so we do not waste our time or develop bad habits.

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