Computer Test - 2 કોમ્પ્યુટર ટેસ્ટ bin sachivalay clerk talati junior clerk exam psi

 Computer Test - 2 

કોમ્પ્યુટર ટેસ્ટ 

bin sachivalay clerk talati junior clerk exam psi 

Total Marks - 15

Level - Medium

Game Controllers: Games Glal al Baudele set sell option-il is used.  Such as the Joy Stick

 (ii) Keyboard: Keyboard aldia adella settings seal all option -l use

 Happens.  (iii) Phone and modem option: Internet connect 52

 option is used.  (iv) Scanner and cameras: scanners & digital cameras

 Install from the dl du settings change 241 42 option is used.

 (v) Printer and faxes: printer and fax-ll setting change 5241 42 option-l

 is used.

 (vi) Mouse: Mouse Il Primary button change 524l double click speed 824, this option is used to select different pointers and set the motions of the pointer.

 Steps to change pointers:

 Select the pointers by clicking on the mouse option - then the pointer to be changed


Select then click on the Browse button then select the pointer and click on it

 Then click on Open then click on Apply then click on ok so pointer

 Will change.

 (3) Network and Internet connections: This option is used to align Internet & Network or to make changes to previous connections.

 (4) User Accounts: 41 user add 8241, user il password cl, user settings

 This option is used to change and delete a user.  (5) Date, Time, language and Regional options, Date Time-ll settings

 This 0ption is used to change what we saw erlier.

 (6) Accessibility Option: Windows-l facility is specially person designed which is handicapped.  Or Repetitive strain injury Alt Key tell Ctrl Key hold seal del sis y key Press 524 for difficulty.  Or they can't see whether the caps lock, numlock key is on or off.

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