History of Indian (Bharat no itihas) Test - 3 Topic - Vaidik Culture Part - 2

  • ભારતનો ઇતિહાસ Test -  3

  • Topic - વૈદિક સંસ્કૃતિ (ભાગ-૨)

  • Total Marks - 35 

  • Level - medium to advance  

Hello friends, today's test topic is the history of India in which the previous test included Vedic culture part one very important 30 questions. Today's test includes part 2 of Vedic culture which includes આજે.  The level of questions is also kept in view of the examination so that all the students preparing for class one, two and three find this test suitable so that they can make a very important contribution in their preparation.  A few questions of Vedic culture are also placed here, especially some questions with statements that try to provide you with all the important points of the topic so that in each of the options in each question you will find something new information that can be useful in the exam.  In this test, there is a comparison between Rugveda carpet and North Vedic culture and all the information about the social life, economic life, family life and political life of the people of both the societies.  Attempts have been made in this test. cover all the questions related to this topic.

Some questions are given in very details which you will not find in any other general book.  The questions of Vedic culture are included in the book of Granth Nirman Board published by Gujarat Government and in the materials of UPSC. Questions have been drawn so that this test series is very useful for students  Here is a humble attempt to 

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Indian History Test - 3

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