English grammar Test - 10 Topic. - The simple future tense

English grammar test 10

Topic -The Simple Future Tense 

Total Marks - 30

Level - Advance 

Student Friends Non-Secretariat Clerk Police Constable Talati-cum-Minister atdo Deputy Mamlatdar English grammar proves to be a very important subject for him if he is preparing for exams.  It is a mistake for any student to pass so that English should not be skipped and basic English should be learned so that you can get a very good grasp in English grammar out of fear of English and here are a total of 20 simple future tenses which prove to be very important to you....

Holding, and moving the upper arm sideways and the side arm continuously, the archer will move the side foot one step at a time, as well as the other foot, so that the archer moves in the direction in which the archer moves.  That side defender will slide instead of walking or jumping. Team Defense: Here the opposing team defends the attacker with all the court player of the team.  This type is therefore called 'team rescue' or 'group rescue'.  Here the rescue team arranges players in a certain shape near the 9 meter line and forms a zone.  Hence the use of this defense is also known as Zone Defense.  In team defense there is more focus on the location of the ball.  In the direction in which the

 attacking player goes for shooting, all the defending players maintain the front and at least change their position by making movements to thwart the attack.  (b) Offense: In order to win a handball competition, it is essential to get more points than the opponent, so the players of the team need to be able to use various effective methods of attack according to the situation and need of the game.  

Answer Key : - 

01 . The Students____their results next Monday.

Shall Know


Will Know

Will known

02 . The chief guest ___not____the program next day.

Will attend


Will attended


03 . Who ___in the next quiz competition.

Shall participates

Will participate


Is participate

04 . When __you__this project?

Will , finish

Finish , will

Finished ,

Shall , finish

05 . Our relatives ___here in a day or two.

Will arrive


Shall arrives


06 . If you work hard , you __pass.





07 . Unless you run fast , you _not___the bus.

Will , got

Will , get

Will , getting


08 . I think India ____the world cup.

Will , won

Will , winning

Will , win 

Will , wins

09 . I am sure , Rahul ____the first rank.

Will got

Will gets

Will gots

Will get

10 . Run fast , otherwise you____the train.

Will missing


Will miss


11 . When I go to dubai , I ____bring a beautiful toy for you.





12 . Tomorrow he , you and I ___to a theater.

Will goes 

Will go

Shall goes


13 . They ____you if you ask them.

Will helping

Will helps


Will help

14 . The game___not___Untill it stops raining.

Will , started

Will , starts

Will , start

Starts , will

15 . If I meet him , I ___him your message.

Will , gave

Will , give

Will , given

Give , will

16 . Unless he walks fast , he ___the bus.

Will miss

Will misses

Miss will

Will missed

17 . I _not__to his party unless he invites me.

Will , goes

Will , go 

Will , gone

Go , Will

18 . I decided that I ___a doctor.


Will become

Will becomes

Will becoming

19 . I am really tired today. I ___My homework tomorrow.

Will do

Will does

Will doing

Do will

20 . I_____you tomorrow at 3:00PM.

Will saw

Will see

Won't saw

Will sees

21 . She Insulted me. I __never ___to her again.

Will speaks

Will speaking

Will not , speak

Will speak

22. I ___to let you know as soon as I can.

Try will

Shall try

Will try

Will tried

23 . __ you ___up your mouth for a while?

Shall , shut

Will , shut

Will , shuts

Will , shuted

24 . One day My brother __ success.

Will got

Shall get

Will get


25 . Indian cricket team __part in the next world cup.

Will takes

Will taking

Shall take

Will take

26 . The amendment bill ___in the parliament next month.

Will pass

Will paases

Will passed

Wont pass

27 . I hope , you proposal ___the M.D of the company.

Will accept

Will accepting


Will be accept

28 . "I think India_____Australia in the Final.

Will beet

Will beat

Will boat

Will beating

29 . "When I arrive at the cinema , I ___you".

Will called

Will calls

Will call

Won't calls

30 . Suresh raina declared that he _____in Ipl 2020.

Will , plays

Will not , plays

Will not , played

Wont , play

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