Bandharan(Indian Polity) Test - 17 Topic - Parliament (સંસદ)

Bandharan(Indian Polity) Test - 17

 Topic - Parliament (સંસદ) 

Part - 1 

Total Marks - 20 

Level - Medium 

The Parliament is the legislative body of the Central Government.  The parliamentary system, which is passed by a bill, does not become law unless the government adopts what is also called the "Westminster model". The President does not approve it. President, Parliament is a distinct and central in the Indian democratic system of Parliament  Performs a few selective functions as well. For example - the President can dissolve both Articles 79 to 122 under the fifth part of the Constitution, when the Parliament is not in session, it is constituted, structure, duration, officers, procedure of Parliament.  May issue ordinances of privilege, etc. Power is described, etc. Sessions of the Houses invoke or prorogate, Lok Sabha holds. Parliament constituted in this case the Indian Constitution, in place of the United States of America.  Methodology is based on. The Parliament of Britain is made up of three parts of the Parliament of India according to the crown (king or queen), the House of Lords (upper house) and the House of the Constitution - the President is made up of the Commons (lower house).  , Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. American Council of States and House of the People in 1954  The President is not an important part of the Legislature.  In the US, the Legislature was known as 'Congress' in place of Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha respectively.  The Rajya Sabha is called the Upper House (the second is the Chamber or elders. Under the Congress, the 'Senate' (upper house) is the House of Assembly) while the Lok Sabha is the lower house (the first chamber or the popular representative (lower house). The House).  Representatives of the state and union territories in the Rajya Sabha are in the legislative and executive organs in the parliamentary system of government, while the Lok Sabha as a whole emphasizes the interdependence of the people of India.  Therefore, we have representation here in the Parliament.  The President is like the crown in the Parliament of Britain.  On the other hand, although the President does not lose any member of either House of Parliament, the legislative and executive organs in the Presidential Government nor does he sit in the Parliament but the President, the emphasis is on separation of Parliament.  That is why the US President is integral to.  This is because both houses of parliament are not considered constituents of Congress.

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