Bandharan (Indian Polity) Test - 18 Topic - Parliament

Bandharan (Indian Polity) Test - 18

 Topic - Parliament (સંસદ) 

Part - 2

Total Marks - 20

Level - Advance (Gpsc)

There is a hill proposal, which is the advance permission of the officer, innovation, which can be raised only on the subject of 1954 deduction proposal.  If the proposal is approved, the idea of ​​justice condemns the concerned minister.  It is kept for abstinence.  Generally, there are four attention-seeking motions of the type of deduction, just as the Parliamentary copy is kept on behalf of some misdemeanor that there has been enough discussion on a matter of urgent public importance.  Now put it to vote.  Cut into 2 components: In this case, a proposal is mentioned in the procedure rules.  Before the paper, a group of Bill Pa Lave Scalp is formed.  In debate, this part is discussed as complete and the entire portion is put up for a vote in front of any undue public importance.  To do, to place the proceedings of the House. 3. Crop cuts: In this type of motion, there is only the support of 50 members for this important debate and voting is held on both the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha and the remaining sections are introduced.  They are left out and they are deemed to have passed the motion of less than two and a half hours to discuss the adjournment motion of any member of the House.  The following mother for the adjournment motion for the proceedings of the 4. Guillotine proposal: When a bill or resolution 1. Through this, such issues can not be discussed on any part of the issue, then to discuss it before voting.  That is, definite, factual, atma are of folk importance.  2 It involves the proposal of a common privilege involving more than one issue. It relates to the violation of parliamentary privileges by a minister.  It is introduced by a member when the member realizes that the facts are not disclosing the correct facts or are of wrong importance.

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