My favourite Feathered Friend -peocock paragraph writing std 10 english

Std 10 English Board exam preparation 

Paragraph writing/essay writing 

My favourite feathered friend

(Types of birds- your favourite bird-habitat-special features-shape,size,colour,food etc. – habits-usefulness-reason for your special liking-feelings when you see it.)

        It is said, ‘Birds are beauty on the earth’. From the beginning of the world birds are with us. There are varieties of birds in the nature. Some are small and some are big. They are different of colours and they make different sounds. My favourite feathered favourite bird is Peocock. It is a national bird of India. It has colourful feathers. Its feathers are long. It is a big bird. It cannot fly high. It has a crest on its head. It is the most beautiful bird. It lives in forests and farms.

It eats insects, snakes, grains and fruits. It hails the rain by dancing gracefully. It is called the farmers‟ friend because it eats insects and rats that are harmful to crops. The female peacock is called a peahen. I love a peacock for its colourful feathers. The feathers of a peacock are used to make many decorative items. I like to keep its feathers in their books. 


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