English Grammar Test -11 Topic - The Present Continuous Tense Total marks - 25

English Grammar Test -11

Topic - The Present Continuous Tense

 Total marks - 25

level - easy to medium 

Read the following important points before giving test....

  1. Structure of the Present Continuous Tense
  • Subject +To be(am,is,are) + Verb (Ing) +Object +O.W.
  •  I - am / He,She,It,Singular Noun - is /We,You,They,Plural nouns - Are\
     2. Key Words. 
  • at present , at the moment, now , now a days, these days, 
  • look, listen, watch, hurry up!, Dont disturb, etc. 

 Here we have a test on english grammar. There are 25 important mcqs on the topic The Present Continuous Tesne. This test will help to improve your marks in upcomng Gujraj Government's competitive Examinations like Bin sachivalay Clerk, Talati cum mantri, junior clerk, senior clerk , assistant tribal development officer, police sub inspector , dyso, dymam etc. 



Topic - The Present Continous Tense. 

 01 . Ranu mandal_______a song now.
 Is singing
 Are singing 

02 . They _____to cinema tonight.
 Is going
 Are going
 Was going 
Were going 

03 . The boys __________hockey now a days.
 Was playing
 Are play
 Is playing 
Are playing 

04 . The students________English at the Movement.
 Is learn
 Are learning

05 . Look , the birds _____in the sky.
 Is Flying
 Are flying
 Was flying

 06 .Listen , Arijitsingh ________a song now.
Are singing 
Is singing
Was singing
Were singing 

07 . The temperature ______Gradually.
 Are changing
 Is changing
 were changing
08 . My brother _______not ______to college these days.
 Is , going
 Are , going
 Was , going 
Am , going 

09. My friends________for competitive exam these days.
 Is preparing
 Was preparing 
Are preparing
 Were preparing

 10 . My father's health ______day by day.
 Are improving
 Is improving
Were improving

11 . They ______in the factory at present.
 Is working
 Were working 
Was working
Are working

12 . Ramesh _______cricket at the Moment.
 Is play
 Is played
 Is playing
 Are playing

13 . Don't talk, the lecture ______in the class.
 Am going
 Are going on
 Was going on 
Is going on 

14 . It _____not _____outside now.
 Are , rain 
Is , rain 
Is , raining 
Rain , is 

15 . Why _______the child _____now?
 Was , crying
 Are , crying
 Were , crying
 Is , crying 

16 . Chetan bhagat ______a new book these days. 
 Is written
 Is writing 
Are writing
 Was writing 

17 . Ram is playing cricket while laxman ______hockey.
 Are playing
 Was playing 
were playing 
Is playing 

18 .Don't disturb me, I ______for my exam.
 Is preparing 
Am preparing 
Was preparing 
Will preparing 

19 . Hurry up! the train_____.
 Is come 
Are coming 
Is coming 

20. Where are the boys? They _____on the ground.
 Are playing 
Is playing 
Were playing 
Was playing 

21. Listen , the child _______in the next room. 
 Is cry
 Are crying 
Is Crying

22 . My cousin________to the Mountains this weekend.
 Is go
 Are going
 Was going
 Is going 

23 . Dont talk so loudly , the baby girl _______to sleep. 
Is trying
Are trying 
Was trying 
Were trying 

24 . My mother ______dhokalas now.
 Are cooks
 Is cooks
 Is cook 
Is cooking 

 25 . They ______not _____their dinner right now because their food is too hot.
 Is , eating
 Are , eat
 Are , eating
 Eating , are

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